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Artificial Intelligence Framework

Vodafone Group’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework sets out our approach to working with AI technologies and outlines how we intend to develop and employ it in a responsible manner across our international business.

We believe it is critical to ensure that the AI technologies we create and employ are designed to respect the privacy and security of the end user’s data and their associated fundamental rights. We will also seek to make AI-driven decisions that are fair and free of any harmful bias. 

Artificial Intelligence Framework

As Artificial Intelligence grows in usage and impact across geographies and industries, Vodafone has a responsibility to consider how this technology affects our customers, employees, and wider society. The Vodafone AI Framework sets out how we intend to deploy this technology across our business in an ethical manner.

Download Vodafone’s AI Framework to find out more about how we are deploying AI across our business in an ethical manner.

Download Artificial Intelligence Framework

AI is not an end in itself, but rather a promising means to increase human flourishing, thereby enhancing individual and societal well-being and the common good, as well as bringing progress and innovation.

Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, European Commission

Our AI Framework

Transparency and accountability

We endeavour to clearly inform our customers and employees when they communicate directly with AI-powered systems.

Ethics and fairness

We endeavour to develop AI in an ethical way so that it can be trusted.

Preservation of privacy and security

We endeavour to respect the privacy and protect the security of all individuals served by the AI we develop.

Human rights, diversity and inclusivity

We will ensure that we respect international human rights standards and best practice around ensuring AI systems foster diversity, accessibility and inclusivity.

Maximising the benefits of AI while managing the disruption of its implementation

Vodafone is a responsible employer and is determined to become a leading, human-centric, digital business.