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Vodafone policy focus

Getting everyone connected

Vodafone has a fundamental role to play in a digital society. We connect over 300 million people and organisations of all sizes, and wherever we operate, we contribute to countries, regions, and local communities' wealth and development.

We believe in the power of connectivity and digital services to strengthen the resilience of economies. In our role as a digital enabler, our policy work is focused on the following four priority themes.

Industry 4.0

With 5G and IOT, we support the digitalisation of industry to drive future global industrial competition.


Vodafone is supporting small businesses to overcome barriers to connectivity and digitalisation and help build a more resilient and competitive SME sector capable of accessing global markets.


We are partnering with the industry to raise investment to boost high-speed connectivity in rural areas. Our work seeks to enable rural small businesses to overcome barriers to connectivity and digitalisation.

Digitalisation of Public Services

Vodafone is partnering with hospitals and healthcare providers in areas like telemedicine and smart hospitals to improve health outcomes.

To support these policy themes, our work encompasses gigabit networks, IoT, Open Networks and Digital Skills and Literacy and Green initiatives.

Enabling digital change for a connected future

Our current policy work is focused on utilising high-speed connectivity, digital services and digital platforms to achieve digital transformation in Europe and Africa.

Africa connected


Vodafone and Vodacom’s pan-African connectivity, digital services and digital platforms are working together to support Africa’s digital transformation. Our ambition to expand coverage and modernise networks to bridge the digital divide aims to support rural communities and SMEs and enhance digital and financial skills. In doing so, we can ensure no one is left behind.

Europe Connected


Vodafone’s European high-speed connectivity, digital services and digital platforms are speeding up the EU's digital transition. Our activities support the core objectives of the European Commission’s Digital Compass, Industrial Strategy and the economic recovery programmes, enabling businesses to innovate and transform public services to create a more competitive, inclusive and greener future for Europe.



We have the opportunity to boost the development of rural communities across Europe sustainably. Inadequate broadband coverage means that rural communities do not have the infrastructure needed to get online and access digital services. If the digital divide is left unaddressed, it will widen and people in remote areas will be left behind in an increasingly digitised world. Together we can realise a ‘Digital Decade for Europe’ – so let’s get all of Europe connected.

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