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Employee Fundraising

Connecting our colleagues to the causes we care about.

We use the power of connections to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

That includes tapping into the energy of our colleagues across the business. Team Vodafone are a force to be reckoned with. Their enthusiasm, imagination, and expertise knows no bounds. Together, we create, sustain and scale powerful solutions.

£9m+ raised by Vodafone employees

£44m unlocked through JustTextGiving

3,600+ miles cycled across the UK


Over the next few years, Team Vodafone will be coming together to run, roam, row and ride for #YourPlanet, supporting charities that use technology to protect our world; Tusk and The Ocean Cleanup.



JextGiving revolutionised the way charities collected donations, raising more than £43.5m for over 25,000 charities. As charities developed their own ways to collect donations, JustTextGiving was retired in 2019.