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Cell Identity Hunter Phase 2

What will Phase 2 of Cell Identity Hunter achieve?

Thank you for powering Cell Identity Hunter, Phase 2! The objective of this project is to characterise the tumour ecosystem, specifically the relationship between immune system and tumour cells. This is made possible thanks to the combination of three cutting-edge technologic approaches by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC):

  1. The AIRC team will map the tumour ecosystem by determining the nature of each and every one of its cells. They will do this by adopting an innovative single-cell transcriptomics approach, and will map the communication networks between the cells in the main types of human tumour.
  2. The team will also integrate a huge amount of data through an ad hoc computational framework to reveal the cells vulnerabilities in the tumour ecosystem, pointing out new targets to restore anti-tumour immunity.
  3. In order to evaluate the significance of the selected targets, the AIRC team will employ organoids, new in vitro 3D models able to spontaneously assemble themselves in ordered structures that preserve similar characteristics to the human tissue they are derived from (such as cellular heterogeneity and some functions specific to the original system), behaving as a kind of avatar.

Every smartphone and mac desktop that powers Cell Identity Hunter (Phase 2) on DreamLab will be a powerful tool to track the identikit of tumour cells. Your device will act as a small avatar of the lab, enabling the team to gain a superior knowledge of tumour ecosystems and help to identify effective cures.