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Bringing mobile to more women

Vodafone is using mobile technology to enhance the quality of women’s lives.

We are committed to helping women take advantage of technology and the benefits it offers.

Through connectivity, we seek to support positive outcomes for women in education, skills and jobs, health and well-being, safety, and economic empowerment.

Communications technology plays an important role in empowering women in many of our markets to overcome everyday barriers and improve their lives and livelihoods. Mobile technology can enable access to essential services from maternal healthcare to agricultural information for smallholder women farmers.

Research indicates that women who have access to mobile internet via a smartphone have 9% higher levels of wellbeing than women who have access via a basic or feature phone.


Our goal is to connect an additional 20 million women living in Africa and Turkey to mobile by 2025.

Our progress

Mobile technology enhances many public and commercial services, from accessing vaccinations and maternal healthcare, to mobile banking and online support for smallholder farmers.

We are using our mobile technologies to enhance the quality of women’s lives through commercial programmes that:

Support education, skills and jobs

Improve health, wellbeing and safety

Enable economic empowerment

Number of female customers

We aim to connect an additional 20 million women living in Africa and Turkey to mobile by 2025. Since 2016 we estimate to have added an additional 21.6 million female customers.

This year, we expanded Vodacom’s Mum & Baby service from South Africa to the DRC. Mum & Baby is a free-to-use (no data charges) mobile health service which gives customers maternal, neonatal and child health information. The service has helped over 1.9 million parents and caregivers to take positive actions to improve their children’s health since its launch in 2017.

The increase of women in our customer base also makes good business sense; women have a higher Net Promoter Score (+4pp compared to men).

Our strategy in action

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Impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to build a digital society that enhances socio-economic progress, embraces everyone and does not come at the cost of our planet. Through our connectivity, digital innovations and partnership we can accelerate and scale delivery across multiple SDGs.

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Vodafone provides women with access to life-enhancing services which help to unlock socio-economic opportunities and help to address inequality. We also champion the inclusion of women in the workplace.

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Vodafone is committed to helping people develop their skills in order to address the mismatch between future workplace needs and the current skills of the new generation.

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Vodafone is committed to continuing to make significant investments in the network infrastructure, coverage and quality, allowing individuals and businesses to connect confidently anywhere and at any time.

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