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Secure Net Privacy Supplement

Vodafone Secure Net is a service that offers  protection against security threats including viruses, trojans, spyware, adware and unwanted programs.

Vodafone Secure Net Find & Ring operates as a complimentary service that helps locate your device. It requires access to your device's location data.

This Supplement defines how your information is used by Secure Net and the complimentary Find & Ring feature. Please go to to read Vodafone's full privacy policy.

What information we collect?

You may be prompted to enter your phone number when first using the service - this is for product registration.

Make sure you keep your account details secure — this is essential for your privacy and security.

Vodafone will collect and use your data, including usage statistics,  to:

  • Improve the Service;
  • Improve the security of the Vodafone Network; and
  • Provide you with a higher level of security and protection whilst you are on the Vodafone Network.

What information we don’t collect

We understand that some of the information we collect may be seen as sensitive. Therefore we have designed Secure Net to reduce the sensitivity of the collected information. For example, we don’t collect your contacts and we don’t collect media from your device.

Location Information- Secure Net Find & Ring Only

Secure Net Find & Ring will only share location data with your separate permission if you choose to use the app.

Secure Net Find & Ring locates your device by making use of the location data assessing the GPS location data, Wifi location data and the network location data that your device uses. This data is broadcast to Vodafone every three hours and when the battery is low on your device.

Vodafone only uses the location data from Secure Net Find & Ring to locate your device on your request. We do not sell it or rent it out to third parties.

For how long do you keep my personal data?

By way of an example here are some examples of the data and usage statistics we will collect and how long we will retain it.

ExampleWhat data is involvedHow long is it retained for?
Number of websites viewedTotals - Count of how many6 (six) months
Number of websites blockedTotals - Count of how many6 (six) months
Numbers of files downloadedTotals - Count of how many6 (six) months
Number of files blockedTotals - Count of how many6 (six) months
Top blocked categoriesTotals - Count of how many6 (six) months
Actual files downloaded by the Individual (IF Notify of new apps feature is turned on)Name of fileInstant only (Notification: without any details  or information about file content
Aggregated top harmful files and websites attempted to be downloadedTotals – Count of how many6 (six) months
Actual URLs accessed by an IndividualSpecific URLs & File names1 (one) month
Actual files downloaded by an IndividualSpecific URLs & File names1 (one) month

For how long do you keep my personal information - Secure Net Find & Ring only

Vodafone will retain your email address for as long as you continue to use Secure Net Find & Ring. 

Vodafone will retain the location data from your device for a maximum of 24 hours. After that time the data will be deleted and no location history is maintained.

Every time you activate Find & Ring, a new location will be stored and this overrides the location that was previously stored.  The location information sent when the phone has a low battery  and when the phone sends periodic updates will override what was stored previously.

Vodafone may retain aggregated and statistical reports that have been generated using your personal data and anonymised data for a longer period, but as these reports cannot identify you as a user, they cannot be used in a way that impacts your privacy.

Information Security

Vodafone takes technical and organisational security measures as required by law and by industry standards to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.  We take steps to ensure that we only use your personal information as described in this privacy notice and to honour the permission choices that you have made. We only partner with service providers who contract to provide the same level of information security that you can expect from Vodafone.

Who Provides the Service?

Vodafone Secure Net and Vodafone Secure Net  Find & Ring are provided solely by Vodafone Group Plc. Registered Office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN. Registered in England No 1833679.