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Parents and carers

Are you keen to keep up with your child’s use of social media, gaming and other technology?

In this section, we look at the challenges your son or daughter might face online and provide links to ‘how to’ guides and expert advice to help you support them in the ever-changing digital world.

Current challenges

The internet’s a fantastic place for kids to find information, connect and have fun. But some websites, apps, games and videos aren’t suitable for young people.Learn about some of the risks of online content and help your child to manage them. 

Tools & Controls

You might already have parental controls on your child’s computer but what about their smartphone, tablet, games console and other devices? Take a look at our guides so you can help to protect them when they are online at home, at a friend’s house or out and about. But remember, controls and tools aren’t always 100% effective and tech-savvy kids sometimes find their way round them.

Free resources

If you’re a teenager, we’re here to help you support your friends and younger siblings in the digital world. From our Be Strong Online modules and anti-bullying emojis to our Web Super Skills cards, there’s some great stuff for all ages.

Family Views

Find out how other families deal with the challenges of the digital world, from setting parental controls to having a regular digital time-out.