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Vodafone Hungary: new LifeSaver app features

Two new features have been added to the Hungarian LifeSaver application that was launched in January this year by the Hungarian National Ambulance Service and Vodafone Foundation Hungary.

The first is the introduction of a ‘Coronavirus Information’ button, which takes users directly to the Hungarian Government’s official coronavirus information site. The second is a useful push notification that informs users about important updates and information regarding coronavirus developments. These innovations were made possible with the support and participation of the Tigra Informatics Group.

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At Vodafone Hungary, we are working to support Hungary in the extremely difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in every way we can. In such times, being well-informed is of paramount importance, so we wanted to help with this both the authorities and the public. Thus, we encourage people to download the LifeSaver app both for themselves and their loved ones, if they haven’t already done so.” - said Dr. Gergő J. Budai, Director of External Affairs at Vodafone Hungary.

Push notifications are messages that pop up on the screens of smartphones from applications. The usefulness of a push notification is that the user still receives important messages even when the application is not open on their phone or they are not using their handset. The Hungarian National Ambulance Service recommends that everyone should authorise these notifications, as this allows the LifeSaver app to send important messages and warnings to users.

“The primary purpose of the LifeSaver app is to make it easier to call for help, allowing ambulance crews to get abundant information fast. The upgrade adds new features to the app that can also indirectly support the saving of lives.” - emphasised Dr. Gábor Csató, Director General of the National Ambulance Service.

The LifeSaver application was launched in January 2020 in co-operation between the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the Hungarian National Ambulance Service. The primary purpose of the application is to allow people to call for help faster and more efficiently. In the application, the user can upload health information in advance, which is instantly displayed on the monitor of control room staff when the emergency call is made. Its super-accurate positioning system also helps emergency crews to find the person in trouble fast, even if they cannot provide an exact address.

In the two months since its launch, the app has been downloaded by more than 450,000 people and initiated close to 2,500 emergency calls, of which 680 were cases requiring medical care.

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