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Vodafone Foundation launches web safe spaces for survivors of domestic abuse

5 Mar 2024Vodafone Foundation news
2 minute read

Vodafone has added a new feature to its website to support people affected by domestic abuse, as figures from the World Health Organization estimate that a staggering almost one in three women aged over 15 worldwide has experienced some form of sexual or physical violence at some point in their lives.*

Vodafone Foundation is adopting the Online Safe Spaces widget in the UK, and a Bright Sky widget in Europe and North America. Both versions open a pop-up window that enables those experiencing domestic abuse to access support, advice and helpful contact numbers. These links leave no internet history and provide a quick exit option for the person seeking information.

Bright Sky was first launched as an app in 2018 by Vodafone Foundation, in partnership with UK-based crisis support charity, Hestia and Hope After Harm. It offers advice to consider when leaving an abusive relationship and features a short questionnaire to help users identify different forms of abuse, as well as a directory of specialist support services. Today, Bright Sky is available in 13 countries and has close to 1 million users.

Lisa Felton, Director of Vodafone Foundation, said: “Vodafone Foundation is committed to be an ally for survivors of domestic abuse. Via the website, app and now the widget, Bright Sky is providing information and support to help users escape an abusive relationship or to support a friend, colleague or family member. We encourage other companies who want to promote support for survivors of domestic abuse to embed Online Safe Spaces onto their websites.”

Bright Sky is one of a number of Apps Against Abuse provided by Vodafone Foundation, connecting over 2.8 million people across the world affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crime to advice, support and education.

* World Health Organization, 2018, Global and regional estimates of violence against women.

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