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Vodacom Tanzania Foundation recognised for advancing education through technology

26 Oct 2021Vodafone Foundation news
2 minute read

The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has been recognised by the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) for its ongoing contribution to growth of the education sector in the country.

The Foundation has provided over 100,000 learners with free access to online education resources through the Instant Schools platform, known in Tanzania as the E-Fahamu project.

E-Fahamu is a platform that provides teachers with materials which can enhance their lesson delivery. It gives students access to extensive learning content, enabling them to self-learn and better understand what they have been taught in the classroom.

E-Fahamu Tanzania project lesson taking

A lesson taking place at a school participating in the E-Fahamu Tanzania project, supported by Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

“The Instant Schools platform is so good that I even use it to teach my younger siblings who are in early education,” Happiness Juma, a student of Mtakuja Secondary School, told us. “It has books and education programmes from nursery school level to secondary school level.”

The programme makes it easier for teachers to plan their lessons, as the platform provides learning materials and textbooks for free. One such teacher is Mwalimu Damiam Mtono. “I used to browse textbooks to create notes for my students,” she recalls. “It took a lot of time and effort and had many of us struggling, because you first had to find the books, which are already a scarce resource.

“Instant Schools changed everything. I could find and consolidate materials faster and with ease. As a result of using this programme I became the best teacher in biology at District level in the national exam, with a 71% pass mark.”

The E-Fahamu project demonstrates the power that technology and connectivity can have in building a resilient digital economy. The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation aims to create equitable access to quality education to students as well as providing teachers with the right tools to deliver.

E-Fahamu Tanzania project children studying

Children studying at a school participating in the E-Fahamu Tanzania project, supported by Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

“We are honoured to be the recipient of such high recognition from the Government of Tanzania,” said Rosalynn Mworia, Director of Vodacom Tanzania Foundation. “This co-sign strengthens our resolve to continue working with and supporting the Government in giving access to free education for all.”

E-Fahamu Tanzania project Vodafone Foundation
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