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Making the internet a safer place for young people

23 Aug 2023Vodafone Foundation news
2 minute read

As more young people go online, cyberbullying is increasing.

In the UK, the latest Ofcom stats show that four in 10 people aged 8-17 have experienced bullying and that it is more likely to take place on a device (84%). The most common form of cyberbullying is through text or messaging apps, social media and online games.

To help make the internet a safer place, Vodafone Foundation is launching a new app called Tozi in Ireland. Offering a range of resources for 12–14-year-olds, we want to create a kinder and more loving digital world for young people.

Knowledge is power

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Irish teenagers experienced one of the highest rates of cyberbullying in Europe, which is why we’re launching in Ireland first.

Empowering and supporting young people to create a positive digital world for themselves and their communities, we partnered with Dublin City University, a centre of excellence in research on bullying and online safety, to create content for three different areas within the app.

Cosmos acts as a content hub. Focusing on building self-belief, it shares carefully curated content with tips and advice on wellbeing, as well as providing the tools and knowledge needed to take action.

Young people can also hear and learn from other people’s experiences via articles, videos, podcasts and more.

Childline screen 1
Childline screen 2
Childline screen 3

In My Space, they can reflect by tracking their thoughts and feelings and through doing guided journaling. But the most important section, is the SOS section. Giving users access to live help and support, they can reach out to an expert at Childline and talk to them via text/chat or phone.

Available to download in Ireland, for free, on Apple App store and Google Play Store, there are plans to make Tozi available across our global footprint over time.

Apps against abuse

Tozi is the latest in Vodafone Foundation’s ‘Apps Against Abuse’ portfolio.

Designed to enable more people to live a life free from abuse, the range of apps include Bright Sky, which provides support to those impacted by domestic abuse, and Zoteria, which helps the LGBTQ+ community and wider public tackle the issue of hate crime.

For over 10 years, Vodafone Foundation has used technology to connect more than 2.4 million people affected by domestic violence, abuse and hate crime to advice, support and education.

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