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Learnings from Vodafone’s Global Policy on Domestic Violence and Abuse

25 Nov 2020Vodafone Foundation news
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In 2019, Vodafone launched the first global domestic violence policy, which set out a comprehensive range of workplace supports, security and other measures for employees at risk of, experiencing, and recovering from, domestic violence and abuse.

The outbreak of COVID and lockdown restrictions to prevent its spread saw the majority of Vodafone's global employee base shift to home working. At the same time, reports of domestic violence intensified worldwide, with UN Women citing security, health and money worries, isolation with abusers and movement restrictions as the key exacerbating factors.

In this context, Vodafone Foundation commissioned research to review progress on the implementation of the domestic violence and abuse policy across Vodafone markets, drawing on learning, promising practices, and particularly the new challenges and risks in the changing world of work brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The key findings from this research identify ways that both Vodafone and other companies can continue to build tools, awareness and leadership strategies to help ensure the safety of their employees globally through these unprecedented times. They are made publicly available to ensure maximum public benefit.

Read the executive summary here.

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