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Vodafone Wins PwC Award for Insightful Cyber Security Reporting

21 Nov 2023Technology news
2 minute read

For the third year running, Vodafone has come first in the FTSE350 Cyber Reporting category of PwC’s annual Building Public Trust Awards. The awards recognise companies and charities that are leading the way in delivering sustainable outcomes through insightful reporting and cover all aspects of the economy and the issues that matter to society.

The awards are based on an assessment and on the evidence of the cyber security reporting available to the public, and a company cannot not nominate itself.

On collecting the award Vodafone’s Cyber Security, Technology Strategy & Assurance Director Emma Smith said: “We’re delighted to be recognised as a FTSE 350 leader in cyber reporting. Our role at Vodafone is to enable secure and safe connectivity in society. This award reflects the hard work the team put in every year to provide our customers and employees with clear and transparent information on how we manage cyber risk. This level of reporting is essential if we are to maintain public and customer trust.”

PwC established the Cyber Security Reporting awards against a backdrop of rising cyber threats, including a surge in ransomware attacks. The company recognised that investors and other stakeholders are increasingly focusing on how companies assess, manage, and mitigate cyber security risks, as a key aspect of organisational resilience.

While the judges said that other companies had produced clear and informative reporting, they felt Vodafone had the edge for its ‘comprehensive and detailed yet highly readable and accessible’ cyber security reporting. The panellists particularly liked Vodafone’s coverage of past incident responses, the click-through video material featuring senior executives, and the easily understood cyber factsheet geared to non-technical readers.

A judge commented: “I’m no expert on cyber. But Vodafone’s reporting has convinced me why I should care about it – and [why I should also] look at all the other FTSE350 reports to see how they address it.”

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