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Vodafone Germany secures first place in the CHIP fixed broadband network test

29 May 2024Technology news
1 minute read

For the second year in a row, CHIP, the renowned German technology magazine, has awarded Vodafone first place in its broadband network test.

Vodafone Germany received the highest score for average download speeds, and also excelled on price and performance.

This year Vodafone has increased the average download speed by more than 40 percent compared to the previous year – reaching a new record of 492.88 megabits per second (Mbit/s) compared to 347.38 Mbit/s in 2023. This is five times faster than the second-place provider.

Vodafone Germany secures first place in the CHIP fixed broadband network test

CEO Marcel de Groot (right) is pleased with the improvements in the fixed broadband network

The fastest network in Germany

In the last two years, Vodafone Germany has expanded its network capacity with more than 6,100 improvements.

In areas serving a large number of households and businesses, parts of the network have been divided and equipped with more fibre-optic nodes. As a result, there is increased bandwidth available to more internet users, providing them with a faster and reliable connection. Even during peak times, customers can continue to stream, play online and work virtually, with minimum disruption.

The results of the CHIP test demonstrate how these network improvements are making a real difference to the quality, reliability and average speeds of broadband connections across Germany.

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