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Vodafone Business launches scam signal to defend against impersonation fraud

22 Apr 2024Technology news
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JT Group Limited is the first Channel Partner to successfully offer Scam Signal, boosting fraud defence for financial institutions.

Vodafone Carrier Services, the wholesale division of Vodafone Business and partner for communication service providers globally, has launched a new service called Scam Signal which allows businesses to protect their customers from impersonation scams, particularly Authorised Pushed Payment (APP) fraud. Scam detection using this service improved by 30% after only three months of a successful pilot with a leading UK bank.

JT Group Limited, a global technology leader delivering a range of connectivity and business solutions, working alongside global analytics software provider FICO, have become the first of Vodafone’s channel partners to offer Scam Signal with their mobile intelligence solutions.

APP fraud involves a criminal tricking someone into sending them money, often through impersonating representatives from banks, government departments, or even a family member. They can also deceive a victim into making advance payments for fraudulent investments, counterfeit goods and services, or even extort money through a seemingly genuine romance or friendship.

Scam Signal is part of Vodafone’s suite of Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) providing a framework of computer rules that app developers and businesses can use to tackle online fraud and protect the digital identities of their customers.Contained within the secure Vodafone Identity Hub, Scam Signal API enables financial institutions to swiftly identify and thwart fraudulent bank transfers as they occur in real-time. Leveraging advanced analysis of real-time network data during live transactions, it effectively detects and mitigates social engineering attempts aimed at deceiving and defrauding account holders.

Fanan Henriques, Director of Vodafone Business International and EU Cluster, said: “Vodafone is using the intelligence in our networks to help financial institutions to protect consumers by tackling fraud at its source. Scam Signal provides both end users and banks with an additional layer of protection against scammers and peace of mind that their transactions are legitimate.”

Peter Stok, Global Head of Mobile Intelligence Strategy, JT Group, said: “Scam Signal represents a significant breakthrough in the fight against Authorised Push Payment fraud, directly meeting our customers' needs. It’s an essential part of JT’s Mobile Intelligence solutions, providing streamlined identity verification, discreet authentication, and instant fraud protection. Together with Vodafone, we are addressing a critical need, responding to a more than 20% increase in fraud last year alone. Our joint innovative approach positions us as market leaders, the first to offer such comprehensive defences.’’

The launch of Scam Signal is particular timely given the growing problem of APP fraud within the UK. Statistics published by the UK government show that 1 in 15 people have fallen victim to fraudulent activity. In 2022, more than £485 million was lost to APP fraud. As new UK legislation mandates that banks reimburse customers for fraudulent transaction losses, financial institutions are increasingly turning to innovative network-based APIs for enhanced protection.

Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant, FICO, said: “By providing Scam Signal through our Customer Communication Services (CCS), we can help banks crack down on scams and reduce consumer harm by applying contextual data and analytics-driven decision intelligence. Our recent survey showed that 73% of banking customers rank fraud protection in their top three considerations when choosing a bank - businesses that spot scam signals early can not only prevent losses but gain more customers through trust.”

Scam Signal is available to Vodafone Carrier Services channel partners within the UK, and other markets are set to follow. Its introduction builds on the successful launch of other APIs in several markets which improve online verification and security including SIM Swap and Number Verify. These APIs use common open standards defined by the global alliance CAMARA in conjunction the GSMA industry body.

Note to Editors

Vodafone currently offers six identity products in six markets as part of its Identity Hub Services backed by global sales and regulatory compliance support, as well as single contracts across multiple regions. In addition, Number Verify and SIM Swap offer the following benefits:

  • Number Verify can be used to verify a user’s mobile number by providing the next generation of strong authentication and user experience. It is a simple evolution path for any business that uses mobile numbers and SMS One-Time-Passwords. Instead of relying on SMS, Number Verify can be seamlessly and automatically activated to verify a user’s identity. This not only enhances the user experience but also mitigates potential issues, such as users not receiving an SMS or facing difficulties due to limited familiarity with technology.
  • SIM Swap can be used to check whether a given phone number has recently changed SIM cards. This helps mitigate account takeover attacks, in which fraudsters take control of the account owner’s SIM card using social engineering techniques and stolen personal data. For example, at the time of a financial transaction, a financial institution can check whether the relationship between the customer’s phone number and SIM Card has been recently changed, helping them decide whether to approve the transaction or not.

Vodafone Carrier Services

Vodafone Carrier Services is part of Vodafone Business and offers wholesale communications services to organisations globally, reaching 180+ countries, with 275+ points of presence worldwide and 80+ submarine cable systems. The services provided include a broad portfolio of connectivity, messaging and identity services to help customers with identity verification, registration on mobile applications, and account takeover detection, by using real-time data from our network to help stop fraud before it happens.

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About JT Group

JT Group has transformed from a government-owned telecom entity into a key player in the global technology sector, offering innovative connectivity and business solutions worldwide.

With over 135 years of history and headquartered in the British Channel Islands, JT employs more than 500 people globally. The company achieved a significant milestone in 2018 by completing the world's first jurisdiction-wide full-fibre network in Jersey, which has positioned Jersey as the leading jurisdiction for world broadband speeds ever since. This network significantly enhances internet speeds and 4G services across the Channel Islands.

In 2023, JT embarked on a major network transformation in the Channel Islands, incorporating Ericsson’s advanced energy-efficient technologies. This initiative is a critical step towards launching 5G and propels JT further into technological innovation, reinforcing their mission to enhance global connectivity and customer experiences.

The recent acquisition of Spectrum Message Services, an Australian company specialising in mobile and transactional system integration, has expanded JT's Mobile Intelligence offerings. Spectrum's MoneyGuard now provides secure transaction alerts to a global customer base of over 130 million, underlining JT's ongoing commitment to innovation and security in the digital age.

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FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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