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Vodafone Automotive - Share a Porsche

Porsche is one of the most highly regarded car manufacturers.

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The service enables a small group of people, two to four friends or colleagues, to share a car under a collective lease contract. The agreement is over a predetermined period of 12 or 24 months, for a fixed mileage that can be used between the multiple owners.

The mileage may be redistributed amongst the owners as they prefer, and each only pays for the distance they personally intend to travel. Within the shared ownership costs are all delivery, maintenance, repair, road taxation and insurance fees. The only cost not included is fuel, and all of the parameters included in the monthly fee are accessible and manageable via a dedicated mobile application developed by Vodafone Automotive.

Built into every ‘shared’ vehicle is a discreet telematics device, installed post-production by the local National Service Provider, Clifford. This device is activated and connected to the Vodafone network and the data gathered is analysed by the same Vodafone Automotive telematics platform that manages the dedicated mobile app.

In order to offer end users this service, Vodafone Automotive has developed the ‘Share a Porsche’ app for Pon. Using the app, which takes into account all privacy rules, the shared owners of the vehicle can quickly see availability and reserve the vehicle for specific dates.

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