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01 Mar 2019Technology news
2 minute read

Vidsy is the creative technology engine powering mobile video ad creation for the world’s leading brands. They recently featured on Wired’s list of Europe’s 100 hottest startups and have also been named in the Disruption50 Index that celebrate British organisations driving disruption across industries.


Vodafone first partnered with Vidsy back in 2017 where together we launched a mobile first video campaign on social, targeted at millennials to promote Samsung’s S8. More recently, the partnership was used to help promote the Vodafone Future Jobs Finder tool that lets young people find potential (digital) jobs that suit their skill set. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the launch and drive click-throughs to the tool.

Vodafone wanted young adults from 16 to 24 years old to know about and use this tool. We recognised that Facebook and Instagram were the key platforms to reach this mobile-focused generation and we wanted to launch with creative assets that the younger audience would be excited about.

Vidsy’s brief was to use this existing creative to build compelling assets for mobile that would perform well for Facebook and Instagram’s audiences. Vidsy created a bank of 18 videos from the original production, each eight to 10 seconds long, showing young people fun and exciting careers in digital, science and technology. Facebook and Instagram then posted 12 of the most compelling stories and broadcast them on Instagram Stories. The partnership was successful because Facebook, Instagram, Santo and Vidsy helped Vodafone communicate with its target audience in a distinctive and specific way.


By working closely together with Facebook and Vidsy, Vodafone were able to launch a campaign that was spot on to inspire the target audience and help them answer the challenging question ‘What will you be?’ The results across all 16 markets that adopted the campaign were amazing with an additional 155K people taking the test once the campaign launched.

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