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01 Mar 2019Technology news
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Spirable, the London based adtech startup, is one of several playing in the customized video ads space. They offer a platform that simplifies and scales video ad creation by enabling brands and advertisers to combine video templates with creative and data sources to automate the creation and delivery of scores of personalized marketing messages.


Spirable says its platform, which launched in 2014, is now used by more than 50 customers. Campaigns have run across 75+ countries, with more than 100M personalised videos distributed since launch. It’s not a surprise that they were named ‘Video Platform of the Year’ at the Digital Media Awards Europe 2019. Vodafone used Spirable’s platform to promote two of their own brand smartphone models which integrates multiple data feeds (such as contextual weather and date data) with creative assets in order to dynamically spotlight different features of the devices. The personalized marketing messages were served across Facebook,  YouTube and Display channels via APIs baked into the platform.

Senior Brand Manager, Amr El Brady, who leads the Vodafone x Spirable Partnership says “It has been a fruitful year with markets including Germany, Turkey, UK, Ireland and South Africa launching successful campaigns in collaboration with Spirable. Also, we are happy to share that we were awarded Best Innovation of the year 2019 at the “Digital Communication awards 2019” in Europe for Vodafone Devices Campaign – where we partnered with Spirable to create 5.5K dynamic contextualized videos based on audience, Vodafone 1st party data, geo-location, weather, day of the week and time of the day”.


This data-driven innovative approach resulted in a well above average viewing rate, beating any previous benchmarks achieved in past campaigns. Not only this, we also received 3 times as many site visits via Facebook advertising.


The Spirable partnership has worked extremely well for Vodafone, allowing us to exceed all marketing expectations with highly personalised, dynamic video ads. Impressive campaign results have led to the adoption of similar campaigns across other Vodafone markets.

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