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Malta Biobank

The Vodafone Foundation in Malta is working with The Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking at the University of Malta to develop an online interactive IT platform and mobile app which will facilitate cutting edge research that explores genetic causes and potential treatments for diseases such as diabetes, asthma, thalassemia, and ALS.

The Malta biobank was set up to create high quality tools for gene research. Those tools would be redundant without a vibrant, active, collaborative pool of research participants donating samples of blood and tissue.

The online portal will enhance the biobank’s relationship with research participants, by hosting informative videos and letting them decide how their samples are used. This will create genuine informed consent, bringing the biobank into line with the latest EU data protection regulations.

Up to 20,000 people in Malta alone could benefit from the work undertaken by the biobank, while the model, if successful, could inform genetic research across the globe.

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