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Grand national: Why transforming transport can never be a race

5 Jan 2020Technology news
< 1 minute read

Introducing new business technologies isn’t a race, it’s about making the right decisions at the right time on the road to transformation.

Debbie O’Shea is group chief IT officer at National Express.

“As one of the oldest forms of public transport, the bus occupies a special place in our hearts and lives,” she says.

“For more than a century, these vehicles have carried us to work, school, holiday destinations and festivals.”

“But bus and coach companies can hardly afford to be sentimental nowadays. Technological innovations are creating new models of mobility which are radically changing the way we travel from A to B.”

Over on the Gigabit thinking blog, you can find out what she considers when investing in the future of one of the leading transport provider companies in Europe.

And how a digital payment system is already changing the way we travel – where new technologies like hybrid cloud will fit into the business, and why superfast 5G connectivity has an essential role to play.

Find out more at Gigabit Thinking – when it comes to digital technology at National Express, it’s a long and open road ahead.

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