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Vodafone and TDC Group renew strategic partnership agreement for Denmark and Norway

18 Jan 2017Technology news
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Vodafone and TDC Group have agreed to renew their strategic partnership for Denmark and Norway, building on a successful fifteen-year relationship that began in 2001.

Under the renewal, which commenced on 1 January 2017, TDC’s mobile customers will continue to benefit from mobile voice and data roaming, including high-speed data on Vodafone’s 4G networks. Vodafone’s customers visiting Denmark will enjoy voice and data roaming, including high-speed data on TDC Group’s mobile network.

The extension of the partnership with TDC Group in Denmark and Norway will enable multinational companies present in these countries to have access to a range of Vodafone’s enterprise services, including the Internet of Things and secure communications for mobile devices.

Marina Lønning, Senior Executive Vice President for TDC Group said: “TDC Group are very pleased that we are able to renew our partnership with Vodafone, thus ensuring the best customer experience worldwide.”

Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Diego Massidda said: “I am delighted to continue our long-standing partner market relationship with TDC and I look forward to serving TDC’s customers with the best of Vodafone’s products and services.”

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About TDC Group

TDC Group build the infrastructure required to develop a digital society. We make sure that people can talk to each other across huge distances, and get together to enjoy the best entertainment. We work to help businesses grow without hindrances, and to ensure that Denmark is ready for a digital future featuring intelligent homes and smart cities linked together by a world-class internet service.

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