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Vodafone Announces 'Vodafone Firsts' New Global Own-Brand Engagement Strategy

9 Dec 2013Technology news
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Vodafone today announced its new global own-brand engagement strategy to be launched across all of Vodafone markets throughout 2014. "Vodafone Firsts" will mark the company's evolution from a traditional 'badging' global sponsorship approach to a much deeper and direct interaction with more than 400 million customers worldwide.

The new social media-led brand engagement strategy will focus on examples of people doing remarkable things for the first time, inspired and enabled by Vodafone's technology and connectivity. Vodafone will identify, enable and activate three different tiers of "Firsts" across up to 30 countries:

  • 'global Firsts' are major 'world's-first' events and experiences which will fascinate and engage consumers in multiple countries;
  • 'local Firsts' are focused on large and unique events or activities which will resonate strongly within one particular country; and
  • 'personal Firsts' are focused on the ambitions of individuals from around the world to do something amazing for the first time.

The launch of "Vodafone Firsts" follows the company's announcement, in March 2013*, of its intention to transform its local and global sponsorship strategy to deliver an enhanced approach to customer engagement. From early 2014, Vodafone will identify and activate a wide variety of compelling Firsts, including enabling:

  • an iconic sportswoman to take her first steps to protect some of the world's most vulnerable women;
  • a professional surfer to achieve a lifetime's ambition for the first time;
  • a leading musician to create his first recording with sounds sourced from remote locations;
  • a revolutionary approach to conducting an orchestra to be performed for the first time.

World’s first multi-sensory fireworks display

Vodafone will activate its first "First" in London on New Year's Eve, when it helps create the world's first multi-sensory fireworks display. Working in partnership with the Mayor of London and food scientists Bompas & Parr, Vodafone will bring a new dimension to one of the world's greatest public events. Thousands of people attending the celebrations will experience a show unlike any other as Vodafone has helped to create a display they will be able to taste and smell, as well as see. Meanwhile, a free Vodafone augmented reality smartphone app will enable millions more to join in the experience, wherever they are.

Further details of the world's first multi-sensory fireworks display can be found at:

Vodafone Group Brand Director Barbara Haase said: “Firsts represents a radical break with almost a quarter of a century of Vodafone-branded badged sponsorship. The concept is simple: we know that our technology can enable and inspire people to do something amazing for the first time, from making their first call to sharing their first video. Firsts is designed to reflect that sense of empowerment and excitement by using our technology and connectivity to enable a diverse range of people to achieve their remarkable ambitions."

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