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A new pioneering technology, supported by Vodafone, is helping to protect healthcare professionals in Germany and relieve the pressure on them during the COVID-19 crisis


EmergencyEye was originally developed for rescue control centres and its’ application has now changed with societal demands.

A picture paints a thousand words

The technology, created by Corevas, allows for a detailed virtual assessment via smartphone, ensuring there is distance between the patient and doctor. This removes the need for patients to leave the house, lowering the likelihood of infections.


What’s more, the technology means that doctors can assess the degree of someone’s symptoms, making for better decision-making and prioritisation. This enables Germany’s frontline medical staff to prevent crowded waiting rooms. It utilises medical capacity, making sure the medical staff are working with the people who are most in need of help.

Swift system installation

The system can be set up in surgeries, hospitals and service centres in a matter of hours. Unlike other systems, EmergencyEye doesn’t require an app.

With the current situation, Corevas will make EmergencyEye available to medical teams for free until the end of July.

Vodafone UPLIFT

Corevas is part of the Vodafone UPLIFT Internet of Things programme, which supports German start-ups with development, sales and marketing.

As a technology partner, Vodafone ensures that the video chat technology between patient and doctor always works. Vodafone has also opened a separate communication channel for the system to start the video chat as quickly as possible in an emergency.

The technology couldn’t come at a better time, enabling us to help those who help us.

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