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European Roaming Breakthrough: Vodafone Offers Simple, Worry-Free, Integrated Plan

29 Jun 2012Technology news
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Vodafone Group today announced that millions of Vodafone customers travelling within Europe this summer will for the first time benefit from new roaming price plans which combine calls, texts and mobile internet access for a daily payment of €3 or €4.

The new roaming plans enable customers to use their communications services as though they were at home for a small payment on top of their current home market deals.

The price plans have already launched in some of Vodafone’s European markets, with others set to follow shortly. By the summer holidays, customers in the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Romania and Turkey will be offered some of the most competitive rates for calls, texts and data roaming available anywhere in the European Union.

Vodafone Group Chief Commercial Officer Morten Lundal said: "Whatever you want to do with your smartphone - from calls and texts to apps and the mobile Internet - will now be simple and worry-free in Europe with Vodafone. These are breakthrough new roaming services that offer our customers certainty combined with great value."

The new price plans build on Vodafone's leadership in providing best-in-class roaming offers in Europe. Other roaming offers include:

Vodafone Passport This was introduced in 2005 and has been used by more than 24 million customers to make calls abroad for the same price as a call at home plus a small additional fee.

EU-wide roaming mobile internet packages Launched in 2011 to offer customers a flat-rate daily fee of €2 for up to 25 MB of data per day and now used by around 2 million customers every month.

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