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Vodafone to create EDF Energy's next generation network

8 Jun 2016Technology news
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Vodafone has announced a new ten year, multi-million pound contract with EDF Energy to completely update and transform the company’s communications and IT infrastructure for all its generation business facilities in the UK, including nine offices, three data centres and 11 power stations.

The new Vodafone network will provide four times more bandwidth than currently available and will allow new services such as video conferencing and collaborative working. Additionally, new Wi-Fi capabilities will be established within all the facilities, allowing legacy paper-based systems to be replaced for the first time by tablets and other mobile devices.

The transformation of the existing infrastructure will result in a new digital platform being created that will support and enable the delivery of EDF Energy’s IT strategy and 2020 vision for its generation business. The platform will improve training systems, support regulatory compliance and give more flexibility in how employees are able to work. Vodafone will also provide a dedicated on-site support team for EDF Energy to complement the existing in-house teams.

Underpinning the programme is a new commercial model between the two companies which eliminates future communications related capex requirements for the company’s power stations across the duration of the contract.

Vodafone Group Enterprise chief executive Nick Jeffery said, “Innovation is at the heart of this success. Not just innovation in the use of technologies but innovation in the commercial structure of the agreement. Bringing commercial certainty to the deal has allowed long term stability of investment for EDF Energy and makes planning a simpler process.”

EDF Energy Head of Infrastructure, IT Operations Nigel Pettifer added, “We were looking for a partner to help us with a double challenge - upgrading our network while at the same time bringing greater transparency, control and stability to the investment needed to maintain the network. This long term agreement meets our objectives and helps to create a partnership that will minimise risk and maintain innovation.”

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