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Vodafone UK launches Secure Net Home for hassle-free digital security

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Vodafone UK has launched Secure Net Home, a digital security solution for the Pro II broadband service. It includes advanced parental controls that can be used on more than 150 connected devices in the house, to help keep families safe online.

Putting parents in control

Secure Net Home includes new features specifically designed for families looking to manage their children’s screentime and keep them safe online.

The ‘Pause the internet’ feature can restrict internet access for an hour on selected devices, ensuring no phones are being used at the dinner table.

Whilst ‘Focus time’ is more selective about what can be accessed. This is a perfect option when homework requires internet connectivity, but distracting content like games or social media needs to take a back seat.

Finally, ‘Set bedtimes’ supports with managing access to the internet on your child’s connected devices during quiet hours in the evening, allowing children to completely switch off at night.

On the Secure Net Home app parents can also create profiles for their children, before assigning applying preferred controls for each individual user. This could include their mobile phone or laptop, as well as connected devices such as TVs or games consoles.

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Protected inside and outside the home

As well as control over internet access, Secure Net Home provides real-time protection against viruses and online threats for any device connected to Wi-Fi. So, users can shop, bank or browse freely whilst being protected against malicious websites, phishing attacks, malware infections and viruses.

It also joins Vodafone’s existing all-in-one mobile security service Secure Net Mobile, meaning that families can be covered both at home and when they’re on the move.

Secure Net Home is available to customers in the UK. Find out more information about Secure Net internationally and for Business.

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