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Vodafone UK has acquired 50 MHz of spectrum in the 3400 MHz band for mobile data services in Ofcom’s auction for a total cost of £378.2 million (€433.4 million).*

Vodafone UK will use the 3400 MHz spectrum to deploy 5G services, enabling Gigabit speeds and lower latency to enhance applications including connected vehicles and robotics, industrial automated systems, and virtual and augmented reality.

The spectrum acquired has a twenty-year term and is convertible to perpetual licences thereafter.

<th>Existing Holding </th><th> Purchased </th><th>Post-purchase</th>
800 MHz 2 x 10 MHz 2 x 10 MHz
900 MHz2 x 17.4 MHz 2 x 17.4 MHz
1400 MHz1 x 20 MHz 1 x 20 MHz
1800 MHz2 x 5.8 MHz 2 x 5.8 MHz
2100 MHz2 x 14.8 MHz 2 x 14.8 MHz
2600 MHz (inc. TDD)2 x 20 + 25 MHz 2 x 20 + 25 MHz
3400 MHz 50 MHz50 MHz
* Exchange rate: £1 = €1.15.

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