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Vodafone Spain and Orange Spain update fibre sharing agreement

23 Jul 2014Services
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Vodafone Group announces that Vodafone Spain and Orange Spain have updated their agreement to co-invest in fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) to three million homes and businesses across Spain by September 2015*.

Following Vodafone’s acquisition of Ono**, which was announced in March 2014 and completed today, the two companies have agreed that:

  • the total number of homes and businesses to be jointly accessed by the two companies will remain three million overall;
  • the companies will collectively build FTTH to two million premises across Spain. As the joint deployment has already reached 800,000 premises across 12 Spanish cities, this means that the companies will jointly deploy fibre to an additional 1.2 million premises in areas where the Ono high-speed fibre network is not present by September 2015; and
  • in addition, Vodafone will provide Orange with wholesale access to one million homes using the Ono network. This commercial agreement will take the overall number of premises jointly accessed to the total of three million.

The amended agreement also provides a mechanism for Vodafone and Orange to provide each other with wholesale access to future FTTH deployments across Spain on a reciprocal basis.

Philipp Humm, Vodafone's CEO of Europe, said: “Our partnership with Orange Spain complements our acquisition of Ono, ensuring a highly efficient deployment of high-speed broadband and bringing more competition to the Spanish market.”



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