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Vodafone Romania delivers new retail customer experience with EasyTech stores

30 Nov 2023Services
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At the start of the year, Romania became one of the first countries to launch a new range of Vodafone concept stores, which are changing the customer experience across the entire retail chain.

Known as EasyTech, these stores provide a place where customers can come and try new technology and discover a wide range of products suitable for the home or for business such as TVs, tablets, smart watches, electric scooters and air purifiers, with experts on hand to advise.

The first EasyTech store

Located at the Magheru One building on Gheorghe Magheru Boulevard in Bucharest, the first EasyTech store opened in March.

It features a waiting area for customer pick-up, spaces dedicated to displaying products, a sales office and an office dedicated to business customers.

Additional services include device and screen insurance and a buyback scheme where customers can replace an old device with a new one on a better offer.

In-store ‘TechExperts’ also mean that customers can explore new products and tech assisted by knowledgeable store staff.

An eco-friendly design


Supporting Vodafone’s e-waste collection and recycling goals, customers are encouraged to bring phones, batteries and electronic devices that they no longer use to the store so they can be reused or disposed of responsibly.

The store’s design has also been considered with the planet in mind, with the ceiling decorated with recycled fabric and walls made from natural plants.

In addition, the lighting system is based on LED technology for reduced energy consumption, and the use of paper has been reduced through digital invoices and contracts.

Improving customer satisfaction

Following these upgrades in 24 stores across Romania, we’ve seen a significant increase in device sales and customer satisfaction.

By the end of 2023, 30 stores across Romania will have gone through this transformation process, so that as many customers as possible can benefit from EasyTech products and services. Similar concept stores will also be rolled out in Ireland, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

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