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Taylor Swift fans break Vodafone Portugal’s data traffic record

14 Jun 2024Services
1 minute read

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour can add another achievement to its list of accolades – setting a new record for data consumption on Vodafone Portugal’s network.

The international phenomenon reached Lisbon on May 24th and 25th, with more than 60 thousand fans selling out her two-day concert held at Estadio da Luz stadium.

On the first day of the concerts, Vodafone Portugal saw a record-breaking data consumption of 3.8 TB (terabytes), which was then surpassed with 4.8 TB on the second day. This significantly exceeds the previous data traffic record of 2.5 TB, which was set in September 2023 during a football match between Benfica and FC Porto in the same stadium.

A new era for 5G

Almost half of the traffic on both days of the concert (47% and 49% respectively) was processed on Vodafone’s 5G network, which offers the benefits of lower latency, faster speed, and the ability to connect more devices. These improvements are reflective in the numbers being much higher than what is usually reported back from events held in the stadium.

The increase of data traffic was not only due to the size of the event but also due to type of consumption from the users, with more users leaning towards social media application on mobile devices. Vodafone Portugal’s network ensured that fans could share stories on Instagram, write posts for X and make TikTok reels hassle-free, all whilst enjoying the concert.

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