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Europeans admit they need help to stay safe online

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Online cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and often try to obtain an individual’s trust by impersonating someone known to the individual or belonging to a trustworthy organisation. With the individual’s trust gained, the cybercriminal encourages the individual to share personal or sensitive information, or to click on malicious web links or attachments.

Sometimes their tricks can be hard to spot, which is why most people would like guidance on how to stay safe online and access to simple solutions that can help them feel reassured.

Our latest research found that 82% of people would like a secure way to browse the internet safely, for example shopping online or sending sensitive information with confidence1.

Over half (59%) of people surveyed say that managing their digital security is too complicated and 73% said they’d like a trusted brand to tell them how to stay safe online.

We’re often told to create complex passwords and be wary of free Wi-Fi, but what about solutions that can give you added protection from clicking on malicious web links?

Protecting customer data

At Vodafone, protecting customers’ privacy and personal data is our top priority.

There are millions of consumers and businesses relying on our expertise in cybersecurity to protect them and their businesses. To keep that trust, we ensure our products and services are secure by design, perform threat intelligence and security testing, and detect events and attacks through 24/7 monitoring.

Most importantly, we’re always looking ahead. Engineering, delivering and operating global security platforms and controls to drive continuous improvement.

One simple example is using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across social platforms and apps. Easy for our customers to set up, it requires identity verification through multiple steps, bringing an additional layer of security when online.

Furthermore, in response to this increasing threat, we’ve developed our unique Secure Net service which allows customers to enjoy everything the connected world has to offer while being protected online.

Easy to install and use, Secure Net keeps customers and their families safe online, offering mobile and broadband protection against malware, infections, and viruses, 24/7 ID monitoring and advanced parental controls.

Currently available in 10 European countries, Secure Net has over 16.6m users and has blocked 1.25m European online threats in the past 12 months.

Secure Net marks another step on Vodafone’s mission to make digital security simple and accessible to everyone.

1Research conducted by One Pulse and Kantar in February 2023 and March 2023 across 1000 respondents in each of the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain markets.

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