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Europe’s industrial & technology leaders call for renewed integration to strengthen the EU Single Market

7 Dec 2021Public Policy news
2 minute read

Today, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), a forum that brings together Chief Executives and Chairs of leading multinational companies of European parentage, kicks off a new campaign, calling for renewed integration to strengthen the EU Single Market.

Its new publication includes analysis and recommendations to better manage, revise and deepen the integration of the Single Market and is focussed on four key categories: environment & consumption, energy, digital and finance & capital.

Chairman of Vodafone, and member of the ERT, Jean-François van Boxmeer, sheds light on the unique opportunity to supercharge the European Union’s ongoing digital transition. Such a transition will enable economic benefits, help drive the green transition, connect disadvantaged communities and improve essential services like education and healthcare.

He highlights that hopes of a next-generation, 5G future with super-fast mobile speeds, improved network performance, high capacity and lower costs, are on hold for the moment.

“The rollout of 5G radio spectrum is stuttering and fragmented – which has in turn had an impact on the roll-out of 5G commercial services. Europe’s telecom operators are lagging behind rivals in the US and Asia amid challenging market dynamics and an adverse investment climate. One of the key reasons for this is the variety of ways that EU Member States are awarding mobile spectrum licences.”

He goes on to outline: “At the moment, there is no effective synchronised schedule for radio frequency spectrum auctions across the EU, and no common system for awarding licenses.”

Jean-François encourages close collaboration between industry, governments and policymakers to invest in Europe’s digital future to create jobs and growth opportunities. The fast and efficient roll out of 5G spectrum across the EU plays a pivotal role in ensuring Europe can generate a digital dividend for current and future generations.

But we need to address the fractured market for mobile radio spectrum that threatens the digital transition. His recommendation is to introduce a synchronised schedule for radio frequency spectrum auctions across the EU and a common system for awarding licenses.

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