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Ensuring the promise of a better digital future is inclusive

16 Feb 2021Public Policy news
1 minute read

The digitalisation of African businesses will help build stronger, more sustainable and resilient communities in Africa.

But the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to all. This can only be achieved through meaningful, lasting partnerships between the public and private sector.

We are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind on the journey to that future, particularly women and young people.

With many children unable to attend school in person, e-Learning has become even more important during the pandemic. In South Africa, we connected over 1.2million people to our e-School platform to ensure that students were able to not only continue learning through the pandemic but would also have access to digital skills and online leaning material.

We also launched 36 Instant Network Schools in eight refugee camps in Kenya, Tanzania, the DRC and South Sudan, providing over 86,000 youth with access to education and 1,000 teachers with training.

Another way to promote inclusion and to ensure everyone benefits from increased digitalisation is to drive device penetration on the continent. To do this, we launched an affordable branded suite of devices including smart Kitochi in Tanzania and Smart Kicka in South Africa and Lesotho to ensure digital inclusion for all.

Read more here.

We also believe that businesses are only as economically strong, green and resilient as their workforce. Which is why we need to empower more workers with the skills to succeed in a digital workplace. It’s also why driving inclusion by supporting young people to thrive in the digital economy is one of our highest priorities.

Read more about digital inclusion for all here.

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