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Vodafone publishes update to Law Enforcement Disclosure Statement

31 May 2017Public Policy news
1 minute read

Vodafone Group today published an update to its Law Enforcement Disclosure Statement which provides a detailed insight into the legal frameworks, governance principles and operating procedures associated with demands for assistance from law enforcement and intelligence agencies across 28 countries.

Vodafone’s third update to its Law Enforcement Disclosure Statement includes new sections addressing data retention and the ongoing debate about encryption. The country-by-country section has updated statistics on the number of lawful interception and/or communications demands received between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016.

The Legal Annexe, which summarises the most important legal powers in force in our countries of operation, now also outlines the main laws relating to encryption in the context of law enforcement assistance in the telecommunications sector.

This statement now forms part of a wider set of disclosures on topics related to digital human rights, which are published on a new online Vodafone Digital Rights and Freedoms Reporting Centre. The Centre also includes Vodafone’s policies and positions on freedom of expression and network shutdown, customer privacy and digital rights of the child.

The Digital Rights and Freedoms Reporting Centre is available here:

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