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Vodafone Spain reaches 100% renewable electricity goal

23 Mar 2021Protecting the Planet
1 minute read

Vodafone Spain has reached its goal of being powered by 100% renewable electricity, following an agreement signed with Iberdrola for the long-term electricity supply of 13,500 Vodafone supply points.

The agreement marks another step taken on Vodafone’s journey to halve its environmental impact by 2025 and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

By July this year, our entire European network will be powered by 100% renewable electricity – creating a Green Gigabit Net for customers across our networks.

Man standing in front of a windmill

Vodafone Spain has also installed photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of its Madrid-based HQ, Vodafone Plaza. These panels can generate up to 558 MWh of electricity a year, equivalent to the average annual consumption of 170 homes in the country. Vodafone Plaza is also home to the ‘Smartflower’ solar panel installation. The Smartflower imitates a sunflower’s movement by automatically opening and shutting at sunrise and sunset, ensuring that it always obtains the largest amount of clean energy possible. This feature makes the Smartflower up to 30% more efficient than a normal solar panel.


Smartflower. Vodafone Spain on Flickr.

Across Spain, Vodafone has also replaced its entire fleet - over 612 vehicles -with low-emission alternatives and has gone on to equip its premises with recharging points.

In December, Vodafone Group was awarded the highest rating available by the Carbon Disclosure Project for its work reducing emissions, mitigating climate risks and developing a low-carbon economy. The project included Vodafone on the Leadership A-List for Climate Change and Transparency.

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