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Monitoring air quality in Albania

28 Aug 2020Protecting the Planet
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Monitoring air quality in Albania

Traffic volumes have increased significantly in Albania since the early 1990s, which has caused environmental challenges from traffic congestion and air pollution in the capital city Tirana: the annual average concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 for Tirana are above the limit values of the EU Air Quality Standard and the World Health Organization.

Working in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana, Vodafone Albania has implemented a system to monitor and transmit air quality in the capital city to the public. Using our IoT technology, smart air quality monitoring devices have been installed in the city and integrated into a system to monitor real-time air quality through the ‘Tirana Ime’ application. By monitoring air pollution in this way the municipality is better able to understand traffic-related air pollution factors and identify appropriate measures for tackling such pollution.

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