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Future Changers: Win funding for your green tech startup

26 Sep 2019Protecting the Planet
2 minute read

Got a great idea for a solar startup? Dreaming of tech to cut carbon emissions and stop global warming? We’re looking for the next generation of green tech pioneers. Enter Vodafone’s Future Changers competition and you could win a place on an Imperial College London incubator programme and £5,000 funding.

From connectivity in the wake of natural disasters, to connecting solar power to millions in rural Africa, Vodafone is committed to using technology to change the world.

As well as events like the Arch Summit in Luxembourg and competitions for established startups like the 5G Dig, part of this involves supporting new generations of digital innovators. This includes innovation programmes like F-Lane, Tomorrow Street and Bright Sparks.

The latest is Future Changers, a new international competition for young adults – to find innovative ideas on how technology can help the environment.


Make it count

“Young people can make an enormous difference to the future,” says Jaqueline Field, Vodafone Global Head of Resourcing.

“Our Future Changers competition is a real opportunity for Vodafone to find and nurture the best ideas from digital pioneers that can help the environment through technology.”

For 2019, the focus is how connectivity and technology could reduce carbon emissions and waste – from smart cities to recycling infrastructure and beyond.

Vodafone has put together a green tech fund to give to one Future Changer the chance to develop their idea.

As well as £5,000 in cash, the company will fund a place on Techcelerate Imperial College London’s incubation programme, to support, develop and launch their idea.

They will also be allocated a Vodafone mentor to work with.

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In The Matrix, Neo chooses the red pill - and the chance to save the world. "Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more," says Morpheus. Picture credit: Adobe Stock

Take the red pill

“At Imperial we’re passionate about nurturing entrepreneurial talent, and supporting the next generation of gamechangers and pioneers to think big, be bold and make a difference,” says Ben Mumby-Croft, director of entrepreneurship at Imperial College London.

“We’re delighted to be supporting Future Changers and look forward to working with the winning idea. ”

To enter, submit a written proposal or video via the Vodafone Future Changers website.

A shortlist of the 10 best ideas will be considered by a panel of judges, before the winner is selected.

You might be a coder, an engineer, or maybe developing digital products is your thing – or you might be someone with an incredible idea who doesn’t fit into any of those categories. Vodafone wants to hear from you.

To enter, submit a written proposal or video featuring your idea to the Vodafone Future Changers hub at www://

The competition runs from 23 September to 20 October 2019.

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