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Enabling energy-efficient street lighting with Interact City

5 May 2021Protecting the Planet
1 minute read

Enabling energy-efficient street lighting with Interact City

Street lighting helps make our cities better and safer places to live. Interact City from Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, is an end-to-end street lighting management system that allows municipalities to securely and remotely measure, manage and monitor all connected street lighting. This can help to reduce energy use, cut GHG emissions, simplify maintenance and lower operational costs.

The Interact City system employs Vodafone’s IoT technology and uses the cellular network to upload data from each connected street light. Each light point can be controlled remotely, enabling local councils to dim lights where less illumination is needed while increasing brightness in areas such as junctions and pedestrian crossings to improve safety. The system also enables remote monitoring, making it easier to identify faults and to improve the efficiency of repair and maintenance programmes.

A recent project in the city of Guadalajara, Spain, is an example of the value that connected lighting can bring to a municipality. The city installed 13,500 connected LED light points which it flexibly and remotely monitors and manages with the integrated Interact City and Vodafone IoT solution. As a result, energy consumption was reduced by 68%, and operational costs were lowered considerably.

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