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Bring Back Friday: how our customers can help recycle old devices

24 Nov 2021Protecting the Planet
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Vodafone is launching a new campaign across several markets on Black Friday (26 November) to encourage customers to trade in their old phones to be recycled or repurposed responsibly. In return, customers will receive credit towards new devices.

The ‘Bring Back Friday’ campaign will go live in our European markets including Italy, Spain, Ireland and Greece.

Vodafone Go green with us Black Friday
Alex Froment-Curtil, Vodafone Group Chief Commercial Officer said:

“There are potentially millions of old or unused smartphones hidden away in people’s homes, with many containing precious natural materials that could be recycled or put to better use.

“We’re asking customers to help us turn Black Friday a little greener this year – by bringing their old devices back to Vodafone stores so we can make sure they’re recycled responsibly.

“We’re committed to reducing the impact electronic waste has on the planet. On Bring Back Friday, our customers can help us do that.”

Customers can learn more about specific offers in their local Vodafone stores or via our local market websites.

Vodafone is committed to reducing e-waste

Vodafone is committed to playing an active part in helping reduce and ultimately eliminate electronic waste. To help achieve this, we have committed to an ambitious goal – to reuse, sell or recycle 100% of our network waste by 2025.


In January 2020, we launched an internal asset marketplace across our markets, enabling Vodafone companies to repurpose and reuse excess stock and equipment between them, rather than disposing of it.

In Africa, Vodacom has been working to extend the life of equipment and devices returned from its operations and customers. Vodacom also operates its own Advanced Repair Centre (ARC), with an extensive network of repair centres across all regions within South Africa which can repair, refurbish or resell older devices, or send them on to approved recycling agencies.

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