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Vodafone introduces Palm – the ultra-mobile companion device that lets users live in the moment

10 Feb 2015Products
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Vodafone is bringing Palm — the first device in an entirely new ultra-mobile category that combines the best elements of connected wearables and smartphones — exclusively to Europe.

Palm is designed as a companion to your existing smartphone so that users can stay connected on the go. About the size of a credit card, Palm is small and light enough to go everywhere — mount it on your bike, wear it around your neck, or slip it into your clutch bag.

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Palm is fully customisable to suit every lifestyle. From morning runs to weekend getaways and nights out with friends, you can take your connectivity everywhere without missing out on the moment.

Smart features like Life Mode let you prioritise action over consumption, so you control what gets your attention. When turned on, Life Mode eliminates distraction by silencing calls and notifications when the screen is turned off (unless you’re on a call, streaming music, or using GPS). When you wake the screen, Palm becomes fully connected again.

Palm is IP68 dust and water resistant, and runs Android OS and the full suite of Google Play Apps, so you can post a photo on Instagram, track your workout, or stream your Spotify playlist. Palm is also designed with an innovative home screen designed to make finding and accessing your favourite apps as quick as possible.

Vodafone is also rolling out a new service, Vodafone OneNumber (available under Red+ Multi-SIM option in Germany),that allows customers to use their phone number and switch effortlessly between their primary device and their Palm — enabling calls, texts and voicemail wherever they are.

Palm is available with Vodafone in Spain, Germany and the UK, and other European markets will follow from the beginning of 2019.

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