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Vodafone supports brighter future for children

10 Apr 2024Empowering People
4 minute read

Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (_VOIS) is focusing on building a sustainable and inclusive digital world for all, as part of its Skills for Life Corporate Social Responsibility vision.

Since 2018, it has positively impacted the lives of over 375,000 individuals through various community engagement, education programmes and digital skills development initiatives.

Having a meaningful impact on society is important to _VOIS and a core part of its employee experience. Which is why it enables employees to contribute to causes that are important to them via volunteering activities.

Brighter Futures is one award-winning example and the biggest employee led volunteering group, which aims to improve education in underprivileged areas. Established by the technology employees, it has supported and managed a number of fantastic initiatives over the years.

Going from strength to strength

Since 2018, our Brighter Futures programme in Romania, has been working hard to deliver vocational, non-formal education sessions directly to children from underprivileged areas, as well as creating inviting environments for them to study in by renovating IT labs and other school facilities.

The latest project saw the volunteers contribute to the renovation of five schools in the Teleorman, Timis, Botosani, Bihor and Ialomita counties.

Vodafone Intelligent Solution’s award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes are transforming the learning experience for thousands of underprivileged students.

In addition, this project brought technology closer to learners by providing new IT labs for 38 schools, complete with IT equipment, impacting the lives of 5,900 children so far.

For children needing extra support to graduate high school, Brighter Future’s has an additional initiative called Guide Me which provides motivational sessions, tutoring and vocational support in two high schools with low graduation rates.

Outside of Romania, _VOIS also runs programmes in Egypt and India supporting students and community members from early education through to vocational training, university studies and employment.

For example, as part of the Indian ‘e-Vidya for Brighter Futures’ programme, it supports 150 government schools, across five states, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telengana and Delhi, 13 community learning centres and two learning-on-wheels vans, impacting the lives of 60,000 children so far.

It is a holistic multi-year programme that aims to improve the learning environment for underprivileged students and get technological resources out to the community.

The programme also provides a rich e-learning ecosystem along with multi-faceted activity-based engagement to ensure sustained change on the ground for schools and communities.

Vodafone Intelligent Solution’s award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes are transforming the learning experience for thousands of underprivileged students.

Giving back

None of this would be possible without the volunteers. Supporting the renovations, our colleagues in Romania, Egypt and India have also been involved in fundraising activities, donating all the funds to the Brighter Futures programme.

In Egypt, volunteers visited a local non-governmental organisation supporting children, where they delivered digital skill development sessions and in India, volunteers support the educational needs of children with regular volunteering sessions delivering cybersecurity awareness sessions and technical and soft skills development sessions.

Vodafone Intelligent Solution’s award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes are transforming the learning experience for thousands of underprivileged students.

In fact, in the past year, over 200 volunteers visited E-vidya schools, delivering sessions to over 2,400 students and one such school has been selected for the ‘Prime Minister School for Rising India’ award, a sponsored scheme initiated by the Government of India.

As a result, the school will now receive funding for overall development of the learning eco-system and act as a leader in providing a high-quality education in an equitable, inclusive and engaging school environment and will actively participate in shaping the National Education Policy 2020.

On top of this, three schools have been awarded an ISO certificate, for meeting learners’ needs and for the condition and quality of the institutes overall.

Shooting for gold

As if this recognition wasn’t enough, _VOIS has also recently been awarded Gold for Excellence in Social Initiatives at the Economic Times Human Capital Awards 2024 hosted by ETHRWorld in India. The award recognises its efforts in corporate social responsibility, giving back to society and actively creating a better digital future for all.

The Brighter Futures programme in Romania was also shortlisted for ‘Top CSR/ESG initiative of the year’, at the CEE Business Service Awards 2024.

These nominations and awards are recognition of the hard work, dedication and contribution of all the volunteers, partners and community members.

Moving forward, we want to continue creating the right learning environment, technological and digital access, and providing digital upskilling and motivational sessions to students. We hope this will create sustainable change on the ground for the future generation of leaders, now and for many years to come.

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