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Vodafone personalises offers

4 Apr 2017Empowering People
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Vodafone has recently started to offer some customers the ability to opt in to get ‘smart pricing’ alerts. Smart pricing helps customers get the most out of their smartphone by delivering relevant offers linked to the way they are using their device at that time.

Smart pricing gives customers control over mobile data spending and with that the confidence to use their smartphone whenever and however they choose.

The core of Vodafone’s patent pending Smart Pricing Architecture is the Smart Pricing Orchestrator, which is like having a helpful retail consultant with you at all times. The orchestrator understands a customer’s immediate needs by undertaking real time analysis of how and where they are using their devices. It will then send offers only at moments when it is most relevant.

Smart pricing offers vary by market, but may include the offer of a data add on if the customer is using Wi-Fi at a quality which is inferior to the mobile network speed available in their location. Or, a customer could be offered a data booster the moment they reach 80% of their plan allowance, to avoid them paying more in out of bundle fees.

Making this all directly accessible from the customer’s device ensures they are always fully in control of their spend with no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Smart pricing is a completely voluntary, opt-in service and customers are always in control of their privacy preferences. Smart pricing users are made aware that they will receive highly relevant offers only from Vodafone, not third parties.

smart-pricing-glomo 0

Vodafone Smart Pricing Architecture wins 2017 GSMA GLOMO award for the Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers (l-r) GLOMO awards presenters Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry; Carmelo Scariano, Principal Engineer, Core Network and Services, Vodafone Group; Beatriz Fernandez, Network Portfolio Manager, Vodafone Group; Dr Adriana Nugter, Chair of the Global Mobile Awards Judging Panels; and Santiago Tenorio, Vodafone Group Head of Network Strategy & Architecture.

From Vodafone’s perspective, the smart pricing orchestrator gives our marketing teams the opportunity to create new offers in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

Vodafone smart pricing is already available in Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand and Egypt. Our ambition is to extend this across all markets.

We are proud that the GSMA has recognised the value and benefit of Smart Pricing through the GLOMO awards 2017 in the category Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers. This is an incentive to progress with it and continue to innovate to serve our customers better.

Carmelo Scariano and his team developed Vodafone’s Smart Pricing Orchestrator. He has worked for Vodafone in a number of engineering roles since 2000.

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