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Not every disability is visible in a hybrid world

2 Dec 2022Empowering People
1 minute read

International Day of Persons with Disabilities, is an opportunity to promote an understanding of disability issues and to support the rights and wellbeing of persons with disabilities.

This year, we spoke to colleagues about how Vodafone’s hybrid working policy and company culture is supporting them to be at their best at work.

Click the images below to learn more about their stories.

“My disability doesn’t affect my day to day”

“My disability doesn’t affect my day to day”

When Sally turned three, a nasty accident with a lawnmower left her right foot permanently injured. Discover how hybrid working is allowing her the flexibility she needs to manage her health, while still progressing in her career.

<strong><em>“I woke up in January and knew something wasn’t quite right”</em></strong>

“I woke up in January and knew something wasn’t quite right”

Earlier this year, Richard Purnell suddenly suffered sensorineural hearing loss overnight in both ears. Learn how this has affected his ways of working and the changes he’s had to make.

<strong><em>“I feel like I have something to prove to people”</em></strong>

“I feel like I have something to prove to people”

For Franklin Ngemoh, being born with cerebral palsy means he has always had to be more organised getting to and from the office. Here he explains why Vodafone’s company culture makes a real difference to his day-to-day.


What all three colleagues agreed on, is the need for more awareness around how we can better support one another in the workplace.

Positive about the steps Vodafone has already taken, it’s important that we continue building an inclusive place of work.

As part of our #CountMeIn campaign, we now support the globally recognised Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. A symbol designed to act as a discreet sign that somebody has a hidden disability and requires additional assistance while out in public.

This will help our colleagues to recognise, listen and help each other at work, but we’re also training our retail teams to identify the symbol too, so they can learn how to approach and support customers with additional needs.

We’re proud to be the first technology communications company to sign up to the scheme and hope that it will give our customers and everyone working at Vodafone the best experience, leaving no one behind.

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