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Listen: Neurodiversity and the power of differences at work

13 Oct 2021Empowering People
< 1 minute read

We Are Vodafone is a podcast series bringing together colleagues from different parts of Vodafone to hear their opinions, theories, fears, passions and successes.

In the latest episode we’re joined by Mel Mooney and Caroline Southall. They both share their experiences of neurodivergence and the workplace – Mel, as a graduate with autism and dyspraxia, entering the workplace for the first time, and Caroline as the mother of a son diagnosed with ADHD and dyspraxia. They chat about what can be done to make workplaces more welcoming of the natural differences people bring to a team, as well as the impact the pandemic could have on how people with neurodivergent conditions experience the workplace.

Listen to We Are Vodafone – Episode 5
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