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LIFT Women in Tech Summit 2023

28 Feb 2023Empowering People
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Hosted by Vodafone, in collaboration with IBM & Sky, this one-day event focuses on providing connection, motivation and inspiration for women in technology across all disciplines, technical depth and career maturity.

Women leaders from Vodafone including Leanne Wood, Group Chief HRO and Serpil Timuray, CEO Europe Cluster, will join leaders from IBM & Sky to share advice, personal stories and experiences on topics including leadership, career advancement, workplace equity and inclusion, health, work/life balance and more.

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LIFT Women in tech summit


9.00Laura Moore(Sky),Raquel Katigbak(IBM),Dr. Diane Bitzel(Vodafone)Welcome from Vodafone, IBM and Sky Overview of the day
9.15Diane Cavanagh(Sky),Anna Deppi(IBM)Michele Mead(Vodafone),Sharon Wallace(Sky)Fearless: Why not me We all take different career journeys, but there are often shared barriers we all face – internal ones like imposter syndrome or external factors like where we live. Our panellists discuss how to overcome barriers to create the career paths we want.
10.00Serpil Timuray(Vodafone)Let’s #ChangeTheFace of Tech #ChangeTheFace is an industry-wide initiative calling on technology leaders to join and make a pledge to increase diversity and equality in the sector. It aims to build a community of individuals and organisations who can be a force for positive change within the industry. Serpil will discuss Change the Face, the progress we have made and the work we still need to do.#ChangeTheFace (
11.00 Break - Networking Coffee
11.30Ifey Njoku(Sky),Nicola Hodson(IBM),Leanne Wood(Vodafone),Raisibe Morathi(Vodacom),Hamsa Seshan(IBM) (Facilitator)Leading with Impact Our panellists share their career stories to becoming senior leaders, the challenges they faced and the support and mentorship that supported their leadership journeys
12.15 Break – Lunch
3.30Steve Hall(Sky),Gill Wiggins(IBM),Ahmed El Sayed(Vodafone),Katrin Jacke(Facilitator)Together – The power of allyship How important is allyship to create change, increase equality and breakdown barriers? Our panellists give real examples of allyship in action, helping those who feel marginalised or under-represented to feel more comfortable, heard, accepted, and valued.
4.00Florian Bosch(Vodafone),Laura Moore(Sky),Raquel Katigbak(IBM)Recap of the day An overview of the day and a thank you to all our speakers, participants, and audiences.
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