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Helping women to feel safer in India

28 Jul 2020Empowering People
< 1 minute read

In India, there are over a billion mobile connections, and while almost half of the population is female, only 59% of them own a mobile phone.

This year, Vodafone Idea (our joint venture in India) launched a new mobile service for female customers called Sakhi, with a special set of security and safety features including:

  • Emergency Alerts Location alerts can be sent to ten pre-registered contacts in an emergency.
  • Emergency Balance Ten free minutes of call time during emergencies, even with zero credit.
  • Private Number Recharge Provides a dummy ten-digit number to ensure the privacy of customers when they recharge at retail outlets, avoiding the need to have to reveal their mobile number to an unknown retailer.

Female customers using Vodafone Idea prepaid or postpaid services can sign up to Sakhi for free and can use the service on any type of phone, even without credit or access to the mobile internet.

To date, millions of women from both rural and urban areas have subscribed to Sakhi, giving them the confidence to travel further from home to pursue education and employment opportunities while feeling safer and less at risk of harassment.

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