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Listen: Coping with grief, loss, and new beginnings - one step at a time

20 Oct 2022Empowering People
< 1 minute read

Welcome to the second series of We Are Vodafone - a podcast sharing the experiences of Vodafone people. To kick off this second series our new host Tim talks to Plamena about a subject that’s often, so difficult to broach, perhaps because it strikes at our deepest fears - bereavement and grief.

In this inspiring and moving episode, Plamena shares her journey from losing her husband, who was also a Vodafone employee, to how with the support from her family, colleagues, and Vodafone, she dealt with her bereavement and grief. And then why she chose to do a volcanic trek in Iceland in memory of her husband.

Listen to We Are Vodafone – Episode 8

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