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Your teenage son is upstairs playing Fortnite, your nine-year-old daughter is in the living room watching cartoons on YouTube and you’re WhatsApping a friend while you cook dinner. But how often do you use technology as a whole family (together, not in separate rooms!)?

We’ve teamed up with some of the most social media-savvy parents to find out how they use technology to make family time even more fun.

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Throughout September and October 2018, five well-known Instagrammers, tweeters and influencers in the world of parenting share their tips as part of Vodafone’s #FamilySquad – and they want your advice too.

Our intrepid squad has already been out and about over the summer using smartphones and apps to spark their kids’ imagination in the natural world. @daddy_to_triplet_girls and his children got stuck into some wildlife photography and @honestmum’s family enjoyed using apps to discover different bugs, butterflies and flowers.

If you’ve come up with a great way of using technology together as a family, we want to know! Whether it’s a fun app, a homework help website or something else, why not share it with other parents on social media using the #FamilySquad hashtag?

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