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Vodafone launches Digital Life Skills

To mark Safer Internet Day (6 February 2018), Vodafone has teamed up with Parent Zone to teach parents about digital resilience and online safety. The new Digital Life Skills workshop will focus on three key areas for young people: confident digital communications, capable use of online tools and critical thinking.

The workshop is based on research by the Oxford Internet Institute and Parent Zone, which highlights that children who are more resilient online are more likely to benefit from opportunity and less likely to experience harm. It will be run by volunteers from Vodafone across the company’s European markets.

What happens in the workshop?

What happens in the workshop?

Our Digital Life Skills workshop introduces parents to digital safety topics, such as fake news and phishing. Participants learn how to test their child’s digital knowledge, discover how they cope with online challenges and find out how to start those difficult digital safety conversations.Designed by online safety experts, the fun and interactive workshop is delivered to parents by Vodafone volunteers in schools and other community spaces across Europe.

How do I get involved?

How do I get involved?

You’re not alone if you sometimes worry about what your child does online and how they would deal with something going wrong. Our Digital Life Skills initiative is here to help, giving practical advice and support to parents. We’re currently introducing the initiative to Vodafone employees and will then get in touch with schools to discuss running workshops with them. We’ve also created a Digital Life Skills quiz – why not have a go now?

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