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Vodafone employees get creative and go the extra mile

Every day at Vodafone we are inspired by the work our colleagues are doing to support members of society through these difficult times. Over the last two weeks six of our colleagues from Romania and Czech Republic have been working in their spare time to provide essential supplies.

In Romania, Network Engineer Ciprian Rosu is using his 3D printer at home to make face shields to donate to hospitals in need. His teammate, Marius Ciurea, has created a website where medical staff can request support for anything from medical equipment, to accommodation, to food. The website then pairs the staff with members of the community who can assist with their needs. He hopes that this will help bring together those in need and those willing to help during this crisis.

Ciprian Rosu

Meanwhile in Czech Republic it is now mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask, with no exceptions. Despite this regulation there is a critical shortage of the masks, and so some of our colleagues decided to immediately start sewing them at home to help with supply.

In an incredible show of support, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Jana Vychroňová made more than 40 masks. She said, "last week I purchased a sewing machine having not touched one in over 20 years! It took me almost one hour to put everything into action but in the end it was ready and I started sewing! What a challenge after 20 years. I have made 40 of them which I gave to my friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. It melts my heart to see the reactions of elderly people to whom I offer the DIY masks."

Jana Vychronova

Brand Manager, Pavlína Šiková has been making masks for friends and homeless people – "My production is rather slow, I only have time in the evenings, but it feels great to contribute in this situation."

Internal Communication Specialist, Jitka Hemolová made masks to protect her whole family – "we used old bed linen featuring Spiderman which made for a cool mask for kids”. Finance Partner, Jitka Kaniová even made one out of an old Vodafone branded t-shirt!

Jitka Hemolova

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